Top Ten Tuesday – First 10 Books I Reviewed
Top Ten Tuesday / April 23, 2019

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme by That Artsy Reader Girl.This feature gives a weekly Top Ten list. We all love lists, right? This week’s theme is  (First Ten) Books I Reviewed (These do not have to be formal reviews. A small sentence on a retailer site or Goodreads counts, too! Submitted by Rissi @ Finding Wonderland) This list is quite the throwback to 2013. I actually was surprised to really think about that and realize I’ve been reviewing for 6 years because it often feels like I’m still “new” at this. This list has a number of books that are still favorites to this day, a couple where I am not sure I would rate quite the same if I were to review them now and some that still deserve more attention.

The Book of the Crowman by Joseph D’Lacey
3.5 Stars , Reviews / February 23, 2014

  If you read my review of Black Feathers by Joseph D’Lacey, or saw it listed as one of my favorite books of 2013, you won’t be surprised to know that I I was eagerly awaiting The Book of the Crowman (the second half of the Black Dawn Duology). It can be hard to read a follow up to a book that you thought so highly of. There is always concern that if the second book doesn’t live up to your expectations, how to handle an honest review without sounding so negative that the entire series sounds unworthy of being read To get to the point, what I found was a bit more of a mixed bag for me than Black Feathers was. I wish I could write another gushy review and tell everyone they must go read this book, but I can’t quite do that. To be fair, I had high expectations, so there was a lot to be accomplished to live up to them. I’ll start with what worked very well. Gordan’s character has grown and developed. I love that D’Lacey did not turn him into some faultless hero. Even in the beginning of the book, Gordan’s pursuit…

Black Feathers by Joseph D’Lacey
4.5 Stars , Reviews / February 10, 2013

This review was originally posted on Wilder’s Book Review “Satan walks nowhere on this Earth, nor has he ever, save where he treads within the human heart.” The sum of this book is encompassed in that single line. But don’t let that stop you there. Black Feathers, Volume One of the Black Dawn Duology, is a dark, grim and haunting tale that gripped me from the beginning and didn’t let me go until the very bitter end. Joseph D’Lacey portrays a horrifyingly believable story of the frightening turns our world could take if we were somehow stripped of our technology, breaking down civilization and if the earth took back the resources we rely on. In this world he constructed, there are legends of one they call the Crowman or Black Jack or Scarecrow. While all the legends seem to agree he is crucial in the Black Dawn, the destruction of the Earth, the opinions on who and what the Crowman is exactly are polarized. Many denounce him as the devil himself, claiming he is the one who will bring on the Black Dawn; he is the one that will destroy the world. Others claim that he is the only one capable of saving the human race and the…