Hot off the Press! New SFF Releases for March 28, 2017
New Releases / March 28, 2017

Curious what new books are releasing? I am highlighting the new releases that caught my eye for this week. Let me know if you see anything new, interesting or any must reads! I am sure I missed some worthy books as well, so please feel free the share!   FANTASY        SCIENCE FICTION   FANTASY       SCIENCE FICTION       FANTASY        SCIENCE FICTION    

Top Ten Tuesday – Books You Read Because of Recommendations
Top Ten Tuesday / October 11, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme by The Broke and the Bookish.This feature gives a weekly Top Ten list. We all love lists, right? This week’s theme is All About Books You Read Because of Recommendations OK, to help whiddle down this list, I decided to go with only 4 – 5 star ratings. Also, there are a few where I remember a specific review/person or site that swayed me to read it, but generally it’s a culmination of the review blogs I follow, as well as conversations and recommendations from places like Reddit Fantasy and the Fantasy Faction forum.                  

Backlist Burndown Review: Scourge of the Betrayer by Jeff Salyards
Reviews / April 29, 2016

The final book in the Bloodsounder’s Arc recently released, and the number of trusted sources that not just recommend, but highly recommend the series just could not be ignored any more. What I have heard is this first book is really good, but the next two are amazing. So, I went into this with solid expectations of a good read, and hopes of getting started in a fantastic series. So far, my friends have not led me astray. The story is told by a scribe, Arkamandos (aka Arki) who has recently joined a small group of soldiers. I really enjoyed getting the story from his perspective and being from his perspective really influenced the story for the reader. Arki can only tell the reader what he himself knows as he learns it. That means anything Arki doesn’t know, the reader will not know either. It’s an interesting aspect that makes Arki an unintentional unreliable narrator. This is a story the reader must just go with the flow and piece together as information is revealed. Personally, I really think it made the story a bit more enjoyable as it saves some twists for the reader (and for Arki). Arki being a…