Friday Face Off – A cover that is positively medieval

Welcome to The Friday Face-Off, a new weekly meme hosted at Books by Proxy. Every Friday two books will be lined up to be judged solely on their covers (that thing we are never supposed to do, but you know we all do it!) You can find a list of upcoming themes at Lynn’s Book Blog

This weeks theme: a cover that is positively mediaeval 

So, with epic fantasy, there a re a ton to choose from, but I immediately thought of Irenicon by Aidan Harte. Since there is only one cover available, I decided to compare the covers from the series.


















My choice: Sticking with my original pick, though I debated a bit with the omnibus cover which is essentially the same just purple instead if teal. But it has the castle and the cavalry and the banner. Even the horse is all decked out.

Which one is your favorite? What cover/book immediately comes to mind for this weeks topic?

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12 thoughts on “Friday Face Off – A cover that is positively medieval”

  1. Oh yes – that first cover is fabulous. As regards the others, I quite like the solitary horseman, but I’m thoroughly over distraught females in swirling cloaks…

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