Stacking the Shelves – August 7, 2016

August 7, 2016

Stacking the Shelves is a weekly feature all about sharing your good luck in book acquisitions! So here’s what came my way since my last post!

I’ve still been trying to hold back on requesting too many more books until I catch up a bit more, but even with that, I’ve received some great new books in the last few weeks!

Received for Review



The Burning Isle by Will Panzo – The first book in a new epic fantasy series, this one sounds packed with many of my favorite things (criminals, pirates AND assassins!) Many thanks to Ace Books for sending me an ARC! I really look forward to checking this one out.

Ruler of the Night by David Morrell – This ARC was a surprise arrival from Mulholland Books. It is the third in a series I have not started, but it does sound like it could be good, set in Victorian times, and it also sounds like it may be all new characters, so could possibly be read standalone? I probably need to find out. Thanks to Mulholland for the copy!

Mirror Image by Michael Scott and Melanie Ruth Rose – I’ve been looking forward to getting a copy of this one! A horror story where a mirror feeds on human souls, this one sounds creepy and quite intriguing! I’m really looking forward to it. Many thanks to Tor Books!

The Apartment by S. L. Grey – I loved both The Three and Day Four by Sarah Lotz, and so am eager to try anything she has a hand in. S. L. Grey is a pen name for the writing duo made up of Sarah Lotz and Lois Greenberg, so this book fell instantly on my radar. It helps that the story sounds incredibly creepy! Can’t wait to check it out. Many thanks to Blumhouse Books for sending me the ARC.





Mulholland has been very generous to me! I also received surprise finished copies of the new paperback editions of Moxyland and Zoo City by Lauren Beukes as well as The Killing Kind by Chris Holm. I already have reviews posted for Moxyland and Zoo City, and hope to read The Killing Kind sometime soon (it’s about a hitman who hits other hitmen). Again, many thanks to Mulholland!! The new paperback editions all look really good!