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So, I do enjoy reviewing and running this blog, but I will admit to missing the way I used to read books at times. It used to be, when I would read a new author or series, I would binge read everything I could one right after the other. For some, I might choose to take a break if there were multiple series, but it was pretty much guaranteed if I picked up a book one and really enjoyed it, I would continue straight through and read all the books available in the series. Reviewing new releases, I find a couple of things have impacted this. First, if I am always reading books as they are released, then obviously I won’t have the option to moving straight to the next book. And secondly, for series that are published, I find it hard to “make the time” to read a series straight through like I always used to.

I created my Backlist Burndown feature specifically to make sure I created time for previously published books instead of reading solely new releases. But what I found, is even doing this, I would often pick the shorter books on my TBR, and I would avoid series where I knew I would want to read straight through.

jeremiah morelli - librarianOn a whim last week, I decided to push my convention (and my current reading schedule) to the side and finally read Dragon Keeper, the first book in the Rain Wilds Chronicles. I knew this would a series I would want to read back to back, but decided I would deal with it after finished the first book. So, when I finished and felt like I “should” pick up a review book next, I decided “nope”, I blog because I enjoy reading, and there are few things I enjoy more than reading a good series from beginning to end. I wasn’t going to let this lessen my reading experience of that series, so I jumped all in and have devoured this 4 book series in about a week (maybe a little less than a week).

Should I have been making progress in my review books? Perhaps, in theory. But I decided that if I do this blog for fun, and I am not scrapping any review books, then what’s the harm? Sometimes it can be hard to step back and keep this attitude, but I think it is terribly important. And, I have to confess to being thrilled at indulging myself with this luxury. I don’t think I would have flown through any of my current review books at the speed I did this, because it was one of those joyous reads where every scrap of time I had, I would find a way to read more.


So, what do others think? Has reviewing impacted how you read? Do you take the time read multiple non-review books in a row when the mood strikes?

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  1. Blogging has definitely impacted my reading, and I feel exactly the same as you. I feel like I’ve lost all my freedom. In fact, at the moment I’m slugging through a review book that I’m NOT enjoying and kicking myself for accepting it for review. Next month is supposed to be my “catch up” month, but I may throw all that out the window and read some things just for myself. Thanks for this post, Lisa!
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  2. What a great post. It’s so easy to get sucked into the review machine, and partly you’re always fretting in case you miss the next brilliant book but currently I have books sat on my shelf that I rushed out to buy on the day of their release – like two or three years ago, and still not picked up. I always feel more obliged to read the review books. I’m not complaining – I just think, like you say, every now and again you just have to chill and read a whole load of books just for yourself.
    I’m hoping my December is going to be a bit like that.
    Lynn :d
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  3. I agree with Mogsy, reviewing has made it easier to keep on top of the newer books I want to read but the older stuff I already own always seems to get pushed aside. To be honest, the only time I’ve binge-read a series since starting my blog was during my hiatus (I’m back!). I always feel like I should be constantly reviewing, so all the books I read get reviewed…but since no one wants to read five consecutive reviews of books in one series, I often put those series off. I say indulge in binge reading when you feel like you need it!
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  4. Interesting thoughts! You’re totally right that it does throw off the rhythm of reading sometimes, especially if you are at the leading edge of reading/reviewing the latest books.

    The reason why I started blogging was actually because I felt like I was binge reading too much, haha. As in, I missed the HS and uni days when, after reading a book, I would sit down and discuss it with somebody or at least put my thoughts into something coherent. Making myself blog about what I read forces me to frame my thoughts and almost always, I get more satisfaction from the books I am reading. When I binge read I found that I would move on so swiftly from book to book that I couldn’t even remember character names or plot. Even if it was a book I liked and tried to recommend to others, I couldn’t really articulate why. The whole reviewing process helps me to keep my thoughts in order and is also a nice record of what I’ve read. My blogging is like my reading diary and makes me try to think of the book on a deeper level, if possible.
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