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Nathan over at Fantasy Review Barn is the mastermind of Tough Traveling. What’s Tough Traveling? Pretty much, it’s a weekly feature on Thursdays where we dig around to come up with examples of common tropes in fantasy, using Diana Wynne Jones’ The Tough Guide to Fantasyland as our inspiration and guide. Nathan has invited one and all to join in the fun, so feel free to come up with your own lists and add the link on Nathan’s weekly post, which will also contain (unleash) the next weeks theme. So let the fun begin …

This weeks theme? COMPANIONS

COMPANIONS… You will normally meet them for the first time at the outset of the tour. They are picked from among the following: Bard, Female Mercenary, Gay mage, Imperious Female, Large Man, serious soldier, Slender Youth, Small Man, Talented Girl, Teenage Boy, Unpleasant Stranger, and Wise Old Stranger.


22739835Auri from Kingkiller Chronicles by Patrick Rothfuss

Companion of: Kvothe

You have to love a mysterious girl who lives in the tunnels beneath the world. One who, for some reason, has allowed Kvothe a glimpse of her.



77197Night Eyes from The Farseer Trilogy by Robin Hobb

Companion of: Fitz

For anyone who has not read this series, there is a bond between a witted (Fitz) and the animal they bond with (Night Eyes).  We get to see the personality and wisdom of the wolf, and its hard not to like him.



13630171Renna from The Demon Cycle books by Peter V. Brett

Companion Of: Arlen

Never have I disliked a companion as much as I dislike Renna. This is my example of a companion that can bring a character down (and give them a horrible and intolerable accent).



direwolf-breadHot Pie from A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin

Companion Of: Arya Stark on her journey to join the Nights Watch

There are SOO many choices in this book. But, I picked Hot Pie. Because he baked a dire wolf bread.



LyingcatLying Cat from Saga by Brian Vaughann

Companion Of: The Will

I love Lying cat. All it pretty much does is call out when someone is lying, but it does so in such a fun and impartial way. I wish I had a lying cat.

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  1. OMG Renna! I remember how badly I wanted to bitchslap her at the beginning of Daylight War, for turning my sweet Arlen into a hick. The two of them and their dialogue, I almost wanted to put my fist through the book.

    And guess what? I’ve read all of these! Except for the last book of the Farseer Trilogy, but let’s just let that one slide…
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