Waiting on Wednesday – Tower Lord by Anthony Ryan

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Blood Song was a book that I put off reading just because I felt like it couldn’t live up to the hype. I was wrong. Very wrong. And I am so excited to read Tower Lord as soon as I can get my hands on it.

(Want more details? Read my review of Blood Song to get an idea of why I felt I was wrong, and why  I am so excited for Tower Lord)



Tower Lord by Anthony Ryan

Expected Publication: July 1, 2014 by Ace

“The blood-song rose with an unexpected tune, a warm hum mingling recognition with an impression of safety. He had a sense it was welcoming him home.”

Vaelin Al Sorna, warrior of the Sixth Order, called Darkblade, called Hope Killer. The greatest warrior of his day, and witness to the greatest defeat of his nation: King Janus’s vision of a Greater Unified Realm drowned in the blood of brave men fighting for a cause Vaelin alone knows was forged from a lie. Sick at heart, he comes home, determined to kill no more.

Named Tower Lord of the Northern Reaches by King Janus’s grateful heir, he can perhaps find peace in a colder, more remote land far from the intrigues of a troubled Realm. But those gifted with the blood-song are never destined to live a quiet life. Many died in King Janus’s wars, but many survived, and Vaelin is a target, not just for those seeking revenge but for those who know what he can do.

The Faith has been sundered, and many have no doubt who their leader should be. The new King is weak, but his sister is strong. The blood-song is powerful, rich in warning and guidance in times of trouble, but is only a fraction of the power available to others who understand more of its mysteries. Something moves against the Realm, something that commands mighty forces, and Vaelin will find to his great regret that when faced with annihilation, even the most reluctant hand must eventually draw a sword.

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    1. I’ve quite often done a combination of listen read for long ones. But that was when I had a commute, still trying to figure out where to fit in my audiobook time now that I’m not in a car for an hour a day. Whether I read or listen though, really looking forward to this one!

  1. I had heard the hype and steered away from this series, but with all you guys saying it is worth a try, I guess I will have to go out and find this one. Thanks for highlighting this series. 🙂

    1. Enjoy! It really does deserve the praise I have seen. There’s bound to be a few who disagree, but I found it to be a great story that was quite engaging and just fun to read as well.

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