News: The Speculative Herald is Recruiting
News / September 25, 2016

I wanted to reach out and let everyone know The Speculative Herald (TSH) is looking for some additional contributors. We have have had some good interest so far, but I wanted to give all potentially interested parties the chance to apply before making any decisions, especially as we are looking to add multiple team members. So, if you love SFF books, and love talking about them, check out our details: The Speculative Herald is a collaborative blog focusing on the latest in speculative fiction and we are currently recruiting new regular contributors (for either new/upcoming release reviews or non-review content). What are we looking for? Pretty much any solid content related to speculative fiction. We would love to add some team members for more new/upcoming release reviews, but also for non-review content as well. If you would be interested in contributing a News Roundup post or something else to keep us all up to date on the latest goings on, let us know! We are excited to see what others may have to offer. How often? For regular contributors, we expect at least one, but preferably two or more content posts a month. For current bloggers, review content is not exclusive to TSH….