Top Ten Tuesday – 12 Books More People Need to Read
Top Ten Tuesday / April 17, 2018

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme by That Artsy Reader Girl.This feature gives a weekly Top Ten list. We all love lists, right? This week’s theme is FREEBIE – So, I’ll pick TOP 12 Books More People Need to Read (because picking just 10 was too hard) The Court of Broken Knives by Anna Smith Spark (review is coming very soon) – Great start to a new, grim, epic fantasy Soul of the World by David Mealing Black Wolves by Kate Elliot Borderline by Mishell Baker The Shards of Heaven by Michael Livingston The Holver Alley Crew (or The Thorn of Dentonhill) by Marshall Ryan Maresca The Facefaker’s Game by Chandler Birch The Bloodbound by Erin Lindsey The Tethered Mage by Melissa Caruso Between Two Fires by Christopher Buehlman Bite by K. S. Merbeth The White Road by Sarah Lotz

Review: Raid by K. S. Merbeth
4 Stars , Reviews / August 14, 2017

In Raid, Merbeth takes us back to the wastes where we can see all the violence and messiness that comes with it. If you haven’t read Bite, I can sum it up as a post-apocalyptic type, mad max type of world. With cannibals (or sharks as they are called in the books). It can be an isolating world, and the perspective of Clementine really highlights this. She hunts raiders, who destroy and endanger towns, but it also actually feeds her isolation. People may be happy for her work killing raiders, but her ability to do so is alarming. Clementine is not exactly a person anyone would like to be the “girl next door”. She came in to violence at a very young age, and discovered she had quite a knack for it. While it earned respect and admiration of her fellow townsfolk, once on her own, she never could find quite where she fit in. She takes to violence and killing almost too easily, her ability to take another’s life can be quite disarming to normal folk, but it is also how she survives and how she knows to make her world at least a little bit better (by taking…

2017 New SFF Series and Standalones
Lists / December 12, 2016

Once again, it’s time to look ahead and get excited for what the new year has in store for us. Here’s a list of upcoming releases that I think are worth keeping track of, all either first and series or standalones. I read predominantly Fantasy, particularly epic fantasy, and my list definitely reflects that. This list wound up twice as long as I aimed for, and I know there are still more great books coming out not listed.   Looking forward to something you don’t see on the list? Share it in the comments!   EPIC FANTASY         FANTASY          SCIENCE FICTION           HORROR   EPIC FANTASY       Sins of Empire by Brian McClellan An epic new fantasy series from Brian McClellan, set in the same world as his wildly popular Powder Mage trilogy. The young nation of Fatrasta is a turbulent place – a frontier destination for criminals, fortune-hunters, brave settlers, and sorcerers seeking relics of the past. Only the iron will of the lady chancellor and her secret police holds the capital city of Landfall together against the unrest of a suppressed population and the machinations of powerful empires. The insurrection that threatens Landfall must be…

Audiobook Review: Bite by K. S. Merbeth
4.5 Stars , Reviews / August 22, 2016

Bite is not the book I was expecting, but I loved every minute of it. For some reason, when I read the synopsis for this book, I got it in my head this was a horror book which was completely wrong. Don’t get me wrong, there are some horrors in the book and world, but it’s a very exciting post-apacolyptic story that follows the journey for survival by one young woman. The world and land has been devastated by nuclear weapons, water and food are scarce, and the surviving people live in a free for all type of world where raiders and worse roam, destroying any  semblance of order or safety. Our protagonist is a young woman, traveling completely on her own for several years since the death of her father. This is a dangerous world for anyone to be on their own, but probably particularly so for women. But she is often mistaken for a boy, which probably works to her benefit. Her life changes when things start to look the darkest for her. She is hungry and thirsty, traveling alone in the desert. She starts to resign to her fate when she crosses paths with a group of outlaws that pick…

New Series or Standalones to Look For in 2016
Lists / December 17, 2015

During this season of List Making and Anticipation for the year to come, I really enjoy focusing on the books that anyone can jump into. This means brand new series and standalone novels that don’t require previous reading. As always, there are many great books to look forward to! I tried to mark if the book is a standalone or the start of a new series, but I’ll be honest, it’s not always easy to tell and sometimes books that are initially offered as a standalone wind up getting follow up book deals. For those interested in seeing a list of everything I am currently looking forward to, you can see my running list of 2016 Anticipated Releases that is updated through out the year as I hear of books and release dates. Its nothing fancy, just a list of dates and titles with links to reviews when I have them.   NEW STANDALONE The bestselling author of the ground breaking novels Under Heaven and River of Stars, Guy Gavriel Kay is back with a new novel, Children of Earth and Sky, set in a world inspired by the conflicts and dramas of Renaissance Europe. Against this tumultuous backdrop the lives…