Review: Kill the Queen by Jennifer Estep
Reviews / October 1, 2018

Kill the Queen is a wonderful story of good versus evil, with a main protagonist that I loved getting to know and root for. There were many familiar aspects of this story (as I explain below), but they are all the good familiar with characters that are built out enough that you can’t help but care and enjoy the story, embrace those traits that are so common because they are also so much fun to read. Everleigh (Evie)’s character is great. She is a classic underdog, orphan girl that nobody wants. After the murder of her parents, she went to live amongst her royal relatives. And while she is a member of the family, cousin to the crown Princess, she has an odd mix of experiences. She is trained as a royal would be, and is responsible for meeting with people as a member of the royal family, and yet, she works in the kitchen and has an apprenticeship with the jeweler. It’s like she’s in multiple worlds, but because of her crossing between, doesn’t really seem to fully fit in either of them. Her nemesis is the crown Princess, who she mistook as a true friend after her parents death….