Top Ten Tuesday: Hidden Gems
Top Ten Tuesday / September 11, 2018

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme by That Artsy Reader Girl.This feature gives a weekly Top Ten list. We all love lists, right? This week’s theme is : Hidden Gems (which books haven’t been talked about as much or haven’t been marketed as strongly that you think deserve some recognition?)

Top Ten Tuesday – Books to Read By the Pool/At the Beach
Top Ten Tuesday / June 19, 2018

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme by That Artsy Reader Girl.This feature gives a weekly Top Ten list. We all love lists, right? This week’s theme is  Books to Read By the Pool/At the Beach So I am kinda of the opinion that any book is a good read at the pool or beach, but for the sake of the list, I will focus on lighter. funner reads, or books that are real page turners.  

Review: One of Us Will Be Dead by Morning by David Moody
3.5 Stars , Reviews / January 29, 2018

One of Us Will Be Dead by Morning is not a book for the squeamish! The body count rises at an astronimical rate, and details are not spared. I enjoyed it, and have to admit, parts were certainly unexpected, always a good thing. It takes place on a remote island that is currently home to an adventure group that does team building exercises. The current group of coworkers on a retreat to the island find themselves trapped there as their ferry home crashed amongst the rocks, littering the corpses of its incoming passengers. Did they die in the crash? Were they murdered? Or is something else going on? If they didn’t die in the crash, are they safe or are they the next potential victims? All things to think about instead of heading back home as they planned. I have to admit, just the thought of traveling to a remote island with coworkers is a bit horrifying by itself. But then to get stuck there as horrify deaths that start to pile up? With no idea who you can trust? Then it becomes a living nightmare. This book is part of a series that I’ve not previously read. I am…

Review: The Beautiful Ones by Silvia Moreno-Garcia
Reviews / October 16, 2017

After reading and loving Certain Dark Things, I had no doubt I would read whatever Moreno-Garcia published next. That turned out to be The Beautiful Ones. Just from the synopsis I could tell it would be incredibly different from the vampire underground world created in Certain Dark Things, but I have to confess, I was hoping to still find a bit of that darkness in The Beautiful Ones. Well, I can’t say I found this to be dark like that, and will advise you that you can not read this book looking for world or tone similarities to Certain Dark Things. Moreno-Garcia did create great characters in both, but that is where the main similarities end. As opposed to most of the books I read, the romance aspect was the strongest plot point in this book. You can also find character growth, and a lesson to embrace who you are, etc. But ultimately, this book was about relationships and romance. I am not stating that as a negative, honestly, sometimes its nice to read a book like that. But I like to know ahead of time so I can save it for when the mood strikes, so keep that in…

Review: Magicians Impossible by Brad Abraham
3.5 Stars , Reviews / September 7, 2017

Magicians Impossible is a fun and exciting adventure that introduces magic to our world. I think this book should do well with readers that are fans of The Magicians by Lev Grossman. It features an older protagonist than a typical coming into powers or magic school book, and with just one or two exceptions, he has been a loner for most of his life. After the death of his estranged father, Jason’s world turns upside down and he finds himself part of something quite unexpected. I liked Jason’s character. He definitely has some flaws and has managed to create very few personal connections in his life, particularly for someone that seems likable. He is resentful of his absentee father (who just died), and through some flashbacks, we can see some of his disappointments as a child. He grew up believing magic was just simple slight of hand as opposed to actual magic. After the death of his father, he learns there is such a thing as real magic as well as about the communities that are a part of that previously invisible and unknown part of the world. The Invisible Hand is a training institute that turns those found to…

Review: The Empire’s Ghost by Isabelle Steiger
4 Stars , Reviews / May 15, 2017

The Empire’s Ghost is epic on many levels. The massive empire of Elesthene is now history, fractured into separate lands. Magic has become fable, thought to be rooted in superstition rather than historical fact. The story gives viewpoints from several rulers, all with their own agendas and ruling styles. You also get the view point of many citizens and soldiers as well. It gives a sweeping view of what life is like across the board, giving the reader insights into the life and happenings for commoners as well as intrigue from within the palace. Though the perspectives are all unique, they become intricately intertwined as the story progresses. Through perspectives on the struggles between adjacent lands that used to be part of the Empire, we meet the rulers of all three and three and see the contrasting styles of rule. We see hints of magic, enough for speculation. The story can be dark at times, but this is not a brutal and gritty story. It is epic with ups and downs, and definitely death and blood. It’s not a happy feel good story that glosses over battles, but it is not terribly graphic either (at least not by my standards). Now, one…

Friday Firsts – The Empire’s Ghost by Isabelle Steiger
Friday Firsts / May 12, 2017

Friday Firsts is a new meme that will run every Friday here on Tenacious Reader. It will feature the first few sentences/paragraph of my current book and my first impressions as well. It’s meant to be a quick and easy way to share a bit about what I am reading, and I would love to hear others join in sharing their current reads as well.   The last time it snowed, Roger took a bundle of firewood and some biscuits to the Dragon’s Head.   The streets of Sheath Alleys were perpetually dank, as narrow and twisting as a guilty thought— and they inspired many, as Roger knew all too well. It was as if Valyanrend itself fled to Sheath to escape its past, to disappear into the shadows as so many of its citizens had done. For the city, at least, it was a lost cause.        My First Impressions I have to confess, I started this one in too many short bursts over too long of a time (like after two weeks, I was still in the prologue), and with all the characters, I had trouble keeping up. HOWEVER. I went back to the beginning, read the prologue straight…

Stacking the Shelves – May 6, 2017
Stacking the Shelves / May 6, 2017

Stacking the Shelves is a weekly feature all about sharing your good luck in book acquisitions! So here’s what came my way since my last post! I have still been trying to show some restraint with my book request, but always easier said than done! 🙂 Anyway, I am excited about the books I received over the past couple of weeks! Received for Review This one has a great line up authors! Many thanks to Pyr for sending a copy my way! Huge thanks to Ace for this early review copy! I still need to catch up with the first one, but hear it is supposed to be good! Many thanks to Tachyon for sending me the review copy! I have been meaning to read McKillip for a while, and was delighted to be able to get a review copy of this reprint. Plus, look at the gorgeous cover! I am seriously looking forward to this one. Bite was a favorite of mine from last year, and so excited to get another one. Many thanks to Orbit for the review copy. This book sounds quite different from Certain Dark Things, in fact, it sounds closer to the Glamourist Histories books I…