Audiobook Review: Hex by Thomas Olde Heuvelt
4 Stars , Reviews / June 13, 2016

Hex is an incredibly creepy tale, one that can I don’t think I’m likely to forget anytime soon. It is disturbing and unsettling, a ghost story that goes beyond just a mysterious aberration. A small town is haunted and trapped by a ghost. One might think, hey, just leave the town if she’s so bad, right? But nope. Not that simple. There seems to be a curse that prevents them from leaving. Not that no one has tried, but it never ends well. As soon as they cross over town lines, they experience a strong compulsion that will destroy them if they do not return. The ghost herself is definitely creepy. With her mouth and eyes sewn shut, she can appear anywhere in the town at any time. She doesn’t really interact with anyone, just appears. Maybe in the town square. Maybe at the foot of your bed. Anywhere is fair game because the town is essentially hers. I have to admit, the fact her eyes and mouth are sewn shut added a major creep factor for me. You can’t help but wonder what could happen if those stitches were removed, plus the imagery of it is certainly more striking and unsettling….