Top Ten Tuesday – Standalone Books
Top Ten Tuesday / March 12, 2019

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme by That Artsy Reader Girl.This feature gives a weekly Top Ten list. We all love lists, right? This week’s theme is  Standalone Books Technically, the suggested theme was Standalone Books that Need a Sequel, but I find that the standalones I am happy with, even if I think I’d enjoy reading more, I don’t think they *need* a sequel. That’s kinda the point. So I’m just listing 10 of my favorite standalones.

Stacking the Shelves – July 22, 2018
Stacking the Shelves / July 22, 2018

Stacking the Shelves is a weekly feature all about sharing your good luck in book acquisitions! So here’s what came my way since my last post! It’s been another couple of great weeks for book additions! Received for Review While I have to confess to falling behind on my reading, I did have a number of books show up that I’m really excited to get to. I also really need to do these posts more often 😀   Many thanks to Tor Books for the following for arrivals. I’m really excited about all of them (I already read and enjoyed Starless, and have begun reading both Mystic Dragon (I really enjoyed the first in this series, so have high hopes) and The Calculating Stars), and am really looking forward to Drop by Drop.       This one sounds really intriguing. My thanks to DAW books for the copy! This was a surprise arrival that was not on my radar at all previously, but it sounds really exciting and I’ve been craving a good thriller lately. Many thanks to Twelve! Super excited to get a chance to start this as I have enjoyed the rest of the Wayfarer series. Many thanks…

Top Ten Tuesday – Bookish Worlds I’d Never Want to Live In
Top Ten Tuesday / June 5, 2018

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme by That Artsy Reader Girl.This feature gives a weekly Top Ten list. We all love lists, right? This week’s theme is: So, this week was supposed to be “Books I Decided to DNF (did not finish) too Quickly”, but quite frankly, I find that hard to tell without finishing, and ultimately, any book I DNF’d, I had a reason for. So, I am going with the topic from last couple weeks instead: Bookish Worlds I’d Never Want to Live In Beyond Redemption – Magic is based on insanity, so the more unstable and crazy a person is, the more powerful they are. Yikes! Bite – A post apocalyptic world so harsh their are roving gangs of cannibals. Uhhh…. Nope!! Demon Cycle – The thought of demons just materializing around you is pretty scary. No thanks! The Fireman – A plague that makes people spontaneously combust. Sounds horrifying. Red Rising – The cast system is very repressive and the lower casts are treated as slaves to support the higher.  And honestly, there are some major downsides to being in the higher cast as well. As much as I love Darrow, I can’t say I’m interested in living…

Hot off the Press! New SFF Releases for February 7, 2017
New Releases / February 7, 2017

Curious what new books are releasing? I am highlighting the new releases that caught my eye for this week. Let me know if you see anything new, interesting or any must reads! I am sure I missed some worthy books as well, so please feel free the share!   FANTASY          URBAN FANTASY           SCIENCE FICTION   FANTASY               URBAN FANTASY     SCIENCE FICTION             FANTASY          URBAN FANTASY           SCIENCE FICTION   With Blood Upon the Sand Beaulieu, Brad 2/7/2017 Magic of Blood and Sea Clark, Cassandra Rose 2/7/2017 Amberlough Donnelly, Lara Elena 2/7/2017 Dr. Potter’s Medicine Show Fischl, Eric Scott 2/7/2017 Norse Mythology Gaiman, Neil 2/7/2017 The Turn Harrison, Kim 2/7/2017 The Stars are Legion Hurley, Kameron 2/7/2017 All Our Wrong Todays Mastai, Elan 2/7/2017 A Perfect Machine Savory, Brett 2/7/2017 The People’s Police Spinrad, Norman 2/7/2017

Top Ten Tuesday – Top Ten Audiobooks You Should Listen To
Top Ten Tuesday / September 20, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme by The Broke and the Bookish.This feature gives a weekly Top Ten list. We all love lists, right? This week’s theme is Top Ten Audiobooks You Should Listen To I was very hesitant to try audiobooks in the beginning, but figured it was worth a shot. Turns out I love them and they have quickly become a staple for my reading habits. Every book I mention below, I felt had amazing narration or it would not be on the list! 🙂 Between Two Fires is a wonderful blend of fantasy and horror. This book pretty much blew me away. I often stray away from this author, for fear of books being “too weird” for me.  I found This Census-Taker to be absolutely fascinating as I tried to puzzle the pieces together. This one also has a tinge of horror to it. Neil Gaiman does an brilliant job narrating his own work, and I feel the audiobook for The Ocean at the End of the Lane greatly benefits from his performance. It’s always re-assuring when you have the author narrating because you know absolutely every little inflection and nuance in speech is exactly as they meant the…

Flashback Friday Review: Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman
4 Stars , Reviews / January 23, 2015

Neverwhere was my first book by Gaiman and honestly, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. What I found was a an atmospheric and magical exploration of the bowels of London. That may sound a bit odd, but really, I think it may be suiting because the book does have an odd edge to it (in a good way). The characters in this book were great. They don’t have complicated back stories, but given the story and the way its told, I think that it works very well because that leaves them seeming a bit more mysterious.  Richard in the beginning of the book is passive and Richard’s girlfriend is shallow and superficial and treats Richard like a doormat. And of course, Mr. Croup and Mr. Vandemar were just as disgusting as Richard’s girlfriend was shallow. Door is a wonderfully mysterious girl that turns out to be Richard’s ticket to falling through the cracks and discovering the strange world of London Below. “You’ve a good heart,” she told him. “Sometimes that’s enough to see you safe wherever you go.” Then she shook her head. “ But mostly, it’s not.” And then the Marquis, who is best described but just quoting the book: The marquis de…

Fortunately, the Milk by Neil Gaiman
5 Stars , Reviews / October 24, 2014

OK, if you have to pick just one audiobook to listen to with your kids (current kids, future kids, imaginary kids, young kids, old kids, or even you own innerself secret kid), you have to pick this one. I listened to it with my boys last year, and this year they both requested to listen to it again. Both. Can I just stress that? There was no disagreement between these brothers. And despite the fact they have quite different taste in books, they are firmly in agreement that this book is amazing and deserves to be listened to multiple times. So, what makes this book so deserving of their admiration? It’s fun. Pure and simple, it is just fun and imaginative, and silly. The pacing is also wonderful for this wacky adventure that all begins when a father sets out to the store in what turns out to be a quest for getting (and keeping) the milk! The amount of silliness packed into such a short story is just, well, silly. But it’s not overdone, its not a book that tries too hard in all the wrong ways. There is an amazing balance of fun and mystery and adventure that…

Interworld by Neil Gaiman and Michael Reaves
4 Stars , Reviews / April 13, 2014

  On a recent road trip with my boys (ages 9 and 11), I gave them several choices for audiobooks. Most of them were books I had read reviews for or had recommendations for.  After they read the blurbs and listened to the samples, they quickly agreed on Interworld by Neil Gaiman and Michael Reeves.  This was the one option that I knew little about, I have not had it recommended for them, and I had not read any reviews, but they were interested, so that settled it. Decision made (as I hoped beyond hope that the fact I had heard nothing about this book co-authored by Neil Gaiman was not a bad sign). Turns out I had nothing to worry about. The story, about a boy named Joey Harkin, who has a tendency to get lost even within his own house, suddenly finds himself in a familiar, yet completely different world. Evidently he has the ability to walk between worlds, which range from purely scientific worlds to worlds completely ruled by magic (and all the worlds in between these two extremes). I am not familiar with other works by Michael Reaves and therefor am not able to pick out…