Top 5 Tuesday – Dystopian Novels
Top 5 Tuesday / August 20, 2019

A weekly meme hosted by Bionic Book Worm where we list 5 books for the given topic. We all love lists, right? I love Joe Hill’s horror books, and was actually a bit surprised after I started reading this to find it really wasn’t horror. But it was still fantastic, it was definitely worth the time invested to read it (this book is huge!) Red Rising is one of my favorite series for any genre. This books are so exciting and addictive. If you haven’t checked them out, I highly recommend you do! This is one of the most messed up fictional realities I’ve read. I absolutely loved it! It is also a book that explores some interesting topics and can give the reader a bit to think about. This was another fantastic (and possibly disturbing) read. The future world in this is harsh, and ticks This is a seriously amazing and must read book, no matter what genre you are a fan of. Seriously, just go read it.

Review: The Salt Line by Holly Goddard Jones
4.5 Stars , Reviews / October 2, 2017

I’ll cut straight to it: The Salt Line is one of my favorites for the year. The entire concept of killer ticks sounds like it could be campy or over the top. That is not at all the case. The ticks are described in such a realistic and terrifying way that it truly becomes plausible. Or at least feels plausible. The author is able to use enough facts grounded in science to create this terrifying epidemic. This book did remind me a bit of Joe Hill’s The Fireman in that way. It depicts a world that has been ravaged by some disease, where people’s ways of life are altered because of them. I suppose there are a number of books that could fit this, but the over all tone and presentation and just the quality of writing put me in mind of Hill. That is a huge compliment from me as Hill is one of my favorite, must read authors. Honestly, there is not much that I did not love about this book. This is a book that you can read at surface value for the compelling story and intriguing characters, both of which are ¬†well developed. But you can…