Hot off the Press! New SFF Releases for April 4, 2017
New Releases / April 4, 2017

Curious what new books are releasing? I am highlighting the new releases that caught my eye for this week. Let me know if you see anything new, interesting or any must reads! I am sure I missed some worthy books as well, so please feel free the share!   FANTASY          SCIENCE FICTION           HORROR   FANTASY                       SCIENCE FICTION       HORROR       FANTASY           SCIENCE FICTION           HORROR    

Review: Touch by Claire North
4.5 Stars , Reviews / February 9, 2015

Touch by Claire North is a thrilling and unexpected journey through time and people. It starts with a murder in a crowded train station and quite frankly, just keeps running at full speed. This is a book about the experience of walking in another’s skins. Literally. Ghosts exist by commandeering the bodies of the living, using their bodies/skins as vessels necessary for their survival. The unsuspecting hosts wake upon the ghosts exit to find themselves with minutes/days/years of their lives gone, with no awareness of the ghost that had inhabited them, or what they had done during this time. The time is just gone. The jumping from person to person is concept that is executed extremely well in this novel. Hearing the ghosts assessment of their current body, finding out what they value in a host and just their attitude towards these people that are unwittingly there for the ghosts survival is quite interesting. Some ghosts take the approach of utmost respect, trying to do what they can to compensate their hosts, possibly even making a pre-discussed arrangement, others see humans more like cattle, or maybe coats. Something disposable to wear until you tire of it or it starts to *gasp*…

The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August by Claire North
Did Not Finish , Reviews / October 5, 2014

There are not many books that I invest enough time to reach the halfway point, but then ultimately decide to set aside as DNF. Usually I hit that point early, early enough I would never consider writing a review, or even bothering to mark it as anything in Goodreads. I debated about what to do with this one. Do I review it? Is that fair if I did not actually finish the book? I decided that if I was upfront and honest about only reading half, that anyone reading my review can decide to take or leave it. So, since I led with the fact that I DNF’d this one, I’ll start with the positive aspects of the book, the elements that allowed me to make it to the halfway point despite not finishing. The book is very well written. Now, before anyone jumps in and says “But, wait! If it was well written, why couldn’t you finish it??” North definitely has the ability to weave a story and construct extremely quotable prose. I love when I find a book that is chock full of great one liners and statements that are just begging to be highlighted! This book definitely is…