Top 5 Tuesday – 5 Chilly/Chilling Winter Reads
Top 5 Tuesday / November 27, 2018

A weekly meme hosted by Bionic Book Worm where we list 5 books for the given topic. We all love lists, right? 5 Chilly/Chilling Winter Reads OK, so we all have different reasons for picking books to go with the seasons. Some people prefer happy cozy books to curl up with when it gets cold, but not me. I live in the South were snow happens infrequently enough that it shuts us down. So for me, I tend to prefer snowy, atmospheric books and books that give me chills. Books that can do both?? Even better!

Review: Dead Ringers by Christopher Golden
2.5 Stars , Reviews / December 21, 2015

The concept behind Dead Ringers is definitely a bit creepy and as you get further into the book, there are some seriously haunting scenes. The thought of suddenly coming across another person that is so identical to yourself, to the point that even close family can not tell the difference is strange. I will admit at times something about this tested my willing suspension of disbelief, I think because it happened to a number of characters. But really I think the reason I was not as easily swayed had more to do with the number of central characters. Horror books really rely on the readers emotions for them to be fully effective. The best way to get a very emotional reaction from the reader is to get them to really, really care about the characters. There were more perspectives in this than there tend to be with horror (pretty sure there were 4), and while I understand the need, I do feel like it put a little bit of a barrier for the reader to really get attached to any of them just because the pages were split amongst several people which gives the author less time to form that connection with each…

Snowblind by Christopher Golden
4 Stars , Reviews / February 8, 2014

  A real modern day ghost story, Snowblind by Christopher Golden is the story of one small New England town where people are haunted. The atmospheric story starts out with one frightful night where the danger lurked not in shadows behind closet doors or under the bed. The danger was not in isolated old houses. The danger here came with the snow. A monstrous winter storm that brought more to fear than just cold and ice descended on the town and left those who survived forever changed, mourning those lost and fearful for another storm that was more than just a vicious weather event. The story then brings the reader 12 years later, showing snapshots of how life had changed for those who lost loved ones, and those who could not save victims of the storm 12 years earlier. It also showed a town on edge. The weather forecast is calling for another monster storm reviving memories of lives lost and people missing all those years earlier. Memories of the unsolved mysteries the last storm left. And memories that many would rather forget then remember, and certainly did not want to relive. As the storm nears, some members of the…