Hot off the Press! New SFF Releases for November 15, 2016
New Releases / November 15, 2016

Curious what new books are releasing? I am highlighting the new releases that caught my eye for this week. Let me know if you see anything new, interesting or any must reads! I am sure I missed some worthy books as well, so please feel free the share! FANTASY           SCIENCE FICTION FANTASY     SCIENCE FICTION   FANTASY          SCIENCE FICTION Catalyst (Star Wars) Luceno, James 11/15/2016 Del Rey Extreme Makeover Wells, Dan 11/15/2016 Tor Books Pirate Utopia Sterling, Bruce 11/15/2016 Tachyon Publications StarCraft: Evolution Zahn, Timothy 11/15/2016 Del Rey The Gates of Hell Livingston, Michael 11/15/2016 Tor Books