Top 5 Tuesday – Reasons I Love Reading

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Top 5 reasons I love reading

I feel like I’ve been in such a slump for the past year, I thought this was a great topic to focus on!

Live Vicariously through characters
While I like to think I’m a complete bad-ass, I know better. I actually have a nervous/anxious/chicken like personality in real life, so there are so many cool and exciting things I would NEVER actually have the nerve to do in real life, but get to experience through reading.

It tends to be a richer, more detailed experience than watching TV.
Don’t get me wrong, I love a good binge watch, and keep up on certain shows. TV is great to watch with family/friends. But honestly, it usually feels completely different, like a shallower experience that doesn’t stick with me as long. It also helps keep my vocabulary up, which I like.

I can do it anywhere!
Thanks to ebooks, even if I don’t remember to bring a book with me and find myself with unexpected down time (waiting in a Dr’s office or whatever), I just pull up my book on my phone! This seriously makes waiting around at the orthodontist, or where ever, seem to go by so much quicker.

Escapism (or not)

Sometimes I like to read for just pure escapism, as a way to leave real life behind and instead go on a journey, or quest, or heist, or whatever. But I will admit, I do enjoy seeing parallels to real life and the real world at times as well.

Because its fun!!
This is really a huge one, and honestly, I don’t think needs any elaboration.

I am certain I missed some great reasons to read,Ā  so let me know what you think, what reasons do you enjoy reading?

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  1. It’s bound up with escapism and enjoyment – but I also derive huge comfort in reading. Whenever I’m ill or depressed, I can be found with my nose in a book – especially as at stage, I’m normally unable to write…

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