Waiting on Wednesday – Mahimata by Rati Mehrotra

August 22, 2018

Waiting on Wednesday is a meme that was hosted by Breaking the Spine to let us share our excitement for books coming out soon. It has gone the way of the wind and is no longer hosted there. But Wishful Endings is now hosting Can’t Wait Wednesday so we can keep the momentum going and link up there.

I am a sucker for assassin stories and badass women, so the first book in this series, The Markswoman, worked very well for me. I’m quite curious about what happens next in Mahimata.

Mahimata (Asiana #2) by Rati Mehrotra
Also by this author: Markswoman
Published by Harper Voyager on March 5, 2019
Pages: 384

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A young female assassin must confront the man who slaughtered her family, risk her heart, and come to terms with her identity as a warrior and as a woman in this exciting fantasy from the author of Markswoman.

In her duel with Tamsyn, the Order of Kali’s dangerous Mistress of Mental Arts, Markswoman Kyra emerged victorious. Yet the powerful Tamsyn left her mark on the young assassin. Deeply wounded by Tamysn’s blade, Kyra is struggling to recover and reclaim her old life.

Her return to the caves of Kali is bittersweet, for she no longer feels as though she belongs. Her beloved teacher is dead. Her best friend Nineth is missing. Gone, too, is Rustan, the Marksman who helped her train for the duel–and became far more than a teacher and friend.

The Marksman, too, is changed. Shaken by his feelings for Kyra and the truth about his parentage, Rustan has exiled himself from the Order of Khur and set off on a quest for answers. His odyssey leads him to the descendants of an ancient sect tied to the alien Ones. They promise to share their knowledge of Asiana’s past if Rustan will apprentice himself to them. To do so, though, means he must renounce his Order—and forsake Kyra.

Yet fate will bring these two highly skilled fighters together once again when Kai Tau, the man who slaughtered Kyra’s family, wages war on the Orders of Asiana.

Hungering for justice, Kyra rides into battle, aided by her new companions: the wyr-wolves, who are so much more than what they seem. Determined to keep the woman he loves safe, Rustan joins the fight to ride by her side.

But will this final confrontation ultimately cost them their love . . . and their lives?