Friday Firsts – Lake Silence by Anne Bishop


Friday Firsts is a new meme that will run every Friday here on Tenacious Reader. It will feature the first few sentences/paragraph of my current book and my first impressions as well. It’s meant to be a quick and easy way to share a bit about what I am reading, and I would love to hear others join in sharing their current reads as well.

Vicki Moonsday, Juin 12

I wouldn’t have known about the dead man if I hadn’t walked into the kitchen at the exact moment my one and only lodger was about to warm up an eyeball in the wave-cooker.

Until that moment, I hadn’t known I had a scream that could crack glass; I hadn’t wondered if an eyeball would puff up and explode in a wave-cooker like those animal-shaped marshmallows; and I hadn’t realized my lodger— Agatha “call me Aggie” Crowe— was that kind of Crow.

She seemed so normal, if you overlooked her timely payment of the rent each week and the fact that she had taken up residence in The Jumble three weeks ago and seemed to be enjoying herself. “You can’t eat that!” I tried to sound firm, like a responsible human and business owner should. In truth, I sounded a wee bit hysterical, and I wished with all sincerity that I had walked into the kitchen five minutes later.

Then again, since the kitchen was one of the common rooms in the main building, I could have walked in when Aggie was halfway through her lunch, which I’m sure would have been more distressing for at least one of us.

“Why can’t I eat it?” She looked at the eyeball rolling around in the small bowl that was now sitting on the counter. “Nobody else wants it. It’s starting to get squooshy. And the dead man doesn’t need it.”

The words got me past the physical evidence. “What dead man?” “The one who doesn’t need the eyeball.” Little black feathers suddenly sprouted at her hairline, confirming the nature of my lodger. I was going to have to rework the rental agreement so that there was a space for unimportant bits of information like . . . oh, say . . . species.

Bishop, Anne (2018-03-06). Lake Silence (World of the Others, The) (Kindle Locations 165-180). Penguin Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.

My First Impressions

I have to be honest, I’m a bit torn on how I’m feeling about this one. It may be a bit to “cutesy” for me at the moment and I keep debating about switching to something else or sticking with it. These books are nice because they are light easy reads, but perhaps its just a bit too light for me right now. I’ll probably read on a bit before deciding for sure. My mood can really impact how I recieve books like this, so I don’t want to push if I might enjoy it more at another time.

What are you reading right now? Did it start out strong? Feel free to share in the comments, and also feel free to link up!

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  1. I’m reading The Bitter Twins. It’s taken me a little while to get into but I’m into it now.
    Lynn 😀

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