Monthly Musings – August 2017

MonthlyMusingsThis is a where I look back at what I read (or tried to read) during the past month. I also plan on highlighting my experiences in any book club reads I from the month as well. I will always start with any books I would label as a surprise find/under-read books so if anyone missed my reviews for them, and don’t make it to the end of this post, they’ll be easy to find.

This has been a really hectic summer for me, and I am still kind of in “catch up” mode. But, I do think I am getting back in the swing of things (would have been better if I hadn’t been really sick for the past week, pretty much taking away another week for progress). But I am reading again, step 1. And I am adjusting to a new routine, kids are back in school, so am expecting to be more regular with my posts (and reading) again. Right now I am feeling good because I decided to stop stressing about the books I missed release dates for and focus on getting ahead (I was worried I would never catch up). So, I have 3 upcoming books read with reviews at least drafted if not finalized plus one more book I just finished this morning. For me this is good. 🙂 Four books yet to be released that I have read in time to publish a review within two weeks of the release date (my usual goal). Two of them should run this week (one on Speculative Herald, one on Tenacious Reader, then they will run on the other site next week). The other two books do not release until October, so will be scheduled closer to their release. And I also have a backlist book read that should have a review for soon (Valor and Vanity by Mary Robinette Kowal).

Highlighted Read

Review Summary 


What I Read

Soul of the World by David Mealing

The Beautiful Ones by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

The Imposters of Aventil by Marshall Ryan Maresca


Looking Forward to 

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  1. Sorry to read you’ve not been well. Getting behind is a real pain too isn’t it. This last month my reading has been really behind and now it’s doing my head in a little. Such a lot going on at the moment. But, I figure i’ll eventually catch up.
    Lynn 😀

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