Monthly Musings – March 2017

MonthlyMusingsThis is a where I look back at what I read (or tried to read) during the past month. I also plan on highlighting my experiences in any book club reads I from the month as well. I will always start with any books I would label as a surprise find/under-read books so if anyone missed my reviews for them, and don’t make it to the end of this post, they’ll be easy to find.

Another month down. I feel like I started this month out stronger than I ended, but I only posted 4 reviews, which is less than I would like. I also feel like I need to start copy and pasting my “WHERE DID THE MONTH GO” statement as I seem to want to say it every. single. month.

One fun thing this month, is Tough Traveling is back! Laura is reviving it over at Fantasy Faction and it will be a monthly feature. The first post there was a nice collaborative effort on BEGINNINGS (so appropriate!), featuring one choice from a number of blogs, mine included. Definitely check it out! And join in 🙂 Next month will be ASSASSINS!


Highlighted Read

Review Summary 

What I Read

  • Clean Sweep by Ilona Andrews – I read this for my Self Published square for Reddit Fantasy Bingo
  • Phantom Pains by Mishell Baker – Another fun book. I am really enjoying this series and look forward to reading whatever Baker publishes next.
  • Skullsworn by Brian Staveley – I loved this one so much!! My review will go up on The Speculative Herald this Tuesday.
  • Winter of the Gods by Jordanna Max Brodsky


Backlist Burndown

MARCH 2017 – The Spirit Thief


Reddit Fantasy BINGO – Bingo always starts in April, so here is my completed card for March, as well as the new card for this year. If you are interested, I posted some information about the new Reddit Fantasy Bingo card over the weekend. Short story: This is the funnest reading challenge I’ve participated in.


Looking Forward to 

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