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OK, so I know through out the year I occasionally mention my progress on my Bingo card for Reddit Fantasy. I find this to be the funnest reading challenge around and the one I stick consistently with. I know a few people have mentioned some level of interest in it in the past, so since they revealed the new categories today, I wanted to share it with everyone since I know a not all of you visit r/fantasy regularly.  I have to give a shout out to u/lrich1024 for doing such an amazing job organizing this every year.

Also, this challenge runs April 1, 2017 – March 31, 2018 so you have an entire year to find a read books!

r/Fantasy 2017 Book Bingo Challenge! from Fantasy

One of the things I love about it is encourages stepping out of your comfort zone and reading a wider variety of styles, authors, publishing dates, etc. I feel like most reading challenges focus on 1 way to diversify your reading, but don’t necessarily encourage an all around diverse set of books. If you complete the card, this will make sure you read a good range of books. You don’t have to fill every square! You can get Bingo in the traditional sense, but if you are like me, you are going to want to fill all of the boxes.


Also, there is currently a Bingo Recommendations Discussion started by /u/Kopratic where people are leaving book recommendations for each of the squares. Great way to get (or share) some ideas for the completing the challenge. I will scouring this thread for the least weird options for my New Weird square!

/r/Fantasy Bingo Recommendations Thread from Fantasy

And finally, here’s a template of the card, thanks to /u/Millenium_Dodo. I enjoyed filling this out last year and seeing all of my covers. Take a look at my finished 2016 Bingo Card.



So, anyone going to join me this year? I promise, it’s a lot of fun!


New to Reddit? Anyone can read the posts, but if you want to reply (which will be needed to turn in your Bingo Card), you have to create an account and sign in. And then head over to Reddit Fantasy.

If you complete all the Bingo squares, you get nifty flair that shows up next to your username in r/fantasy.

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    1. That’s actually a good question. I added a little bit in my post above. Pretty much, anyone can read the discussions there, but if you want to post you have to create an account (quick and simple). To turn in the Bingo card, you need to have an account to log in and post. Anyone can play/fill in the Bingo squares, but seeing what others are reading is a lot of fun and pretty interesting. It can help spur ideas for some of those more challenging squares
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  1. Oh man, this sounds like so much fun 🙂 except I don’t have Reddit :/ and have no time for actually making sense of a new social media xD but I guess I can join later when I have less stuff to do (when he’ll freezes over)? Hehe. I mean, you CAN join later, right?
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