SFSignal Mind Meld – Judging a Book by Its Cover


I was excited to participate in another SFSignal Mind Meld. I love seeing the mix of responses for these, and am thrilled to take part. Here’s the topic:

What are some of your favorite speculative fiction book covers? Do you have a favorite book or magazine cover artist? What draws you to their artwork?

Come on, admit it. You judge those books on their covers even when you know you shouldn’t. So, go read the responses. There are some gorgeous covers mentioned!!

3 thoughts on “SFSignal Mind Meld – Judging a Book by Its Cover”

  1. The covers were gorgeous and I found myself itching to buy books…solely because of the book covers. I’m not proud. I can admit it. I buy books because of covers. Damn it! It’s there a support group for this kind of thing…
    Stephanie recently posted…Destiny – Tom LoweMy Profile

  2. I loved your choices – I was thinking of the Dreamer’s Pool but tried to not go overboard – it would be easy. Plus, I love the Wendig covers.
    Lynn 😀

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