Fantasy-Faction Book Club has a Giveaway for Mirror Empire

20646731-2I apologize in advance for my cheesy book club sales pitch 🙂 For those that don’t know, I run the book clubs over at Fantasy Faction forum, but have kept my book club activities rather separate from my blogging. But I felt like this was a great opportunity to spread the word a bit. Maybe it will reach someone in the blogging world that hasn’t really considered the book club, that might be interested. Sooo ….

Ever thought about joining an online book club? Like free books? Interested in The Mirror Empire by Kameron Hurley??

Well, then, I think you should check out the current giveaway (made possible by the incredibly generous people at Angry Robot), offered by Fantasy Faction in connection with their book club: Giveaway – The Mirror Empire by Kameron Hurley.

This book is a great choice for discussion, there’s so much going on, and there’s likely to be some varying opinions and takes on things. And FREE BOOKS!! (It is open internationally!) I’d love to see someone I know win one of the copies 🙂 And I’d love even more to see some new members join in our discussions. 🙂

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