POLL: Book Discussions and Author Involvement

First, I just want to say that I LOVE how accessible so many authors are in this digital age. But I also am curious if some of that accessibility can impact reader involvement in discussions under certain situations. So, what better way to try an find out than to run a poll? Where do you like to interact with the authors of the books you are reading?

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7 thoughts on “POLL: Book Discussions and Author Involvement”

  1. Great poll! I voted no, I don’t think there should be any author free zones…but I’d like to follow that up with an addendum that I DO believe in the asshole free zone 😛 Honestly, as long as people are civil I don’t see why discussion should be limited. That doesn’t just go for authors, it goes for readers/reviewers as well. I try to live by that in my own reviews and say what I have to say without resorting to dickery – I never write anything I wouldn’t say in polite company or to the author’s face. But anyway, back on topic, I love author interactions, and it’s such a shame knowing some authors feel hesitant/awkward to chime in even when they want. I know when I get comments from authors, I feel over the moon 🙂
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  2. This is such a great question since I’m not quite sure how to answer it. I at first do feel like there should be spaces where readers can discuss books without worrying about hurting the author’s feelings, but where exactly or how exactly is kind of impossible to answer. This I guess gets back to authors just needing to be able to tell when it might be better for them not to step in?
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